Hi there and welcome!  I’m so glad you are here!  My name is Carol and I’m the award winning photographer behind Blessed Bee Photography, McHenry County’s finest newborn and family portrait photographer.  When I’m not working or behind a lens, you’ll more than likely find me in my garden, on the back of a Harley Davidson or jetting off to some far off destination. And while I am certainly passionate about a lot of things…wine, classic rock (the louder the better), and my grandbabies to name a few….travel and photography are my true passions and anyone who knows me can attest that I am hardly ever without my camera in tow or a trip on the calendar.  My camera is literally an extension of me and my photography style is casual, warm and organic.  I just love the way light from a large window can illuminate a baby’s skin or a beautiful sunset can add warm and amazing color to a family portrait.

I genuinely love connecting with my clients, integrating my vision with theirs and developing lasting relationships with them.  During sessions, I work hard to have children and families feel as comfortable as possible in their surroundings allowing them to be themselves.  This ultimately produces photographs that are spontaneous and as unique as each individual being photographed.

As a mother of 2 daughters and a grandmother to 5, I know first hand just how quickly little ones grow and change and how very important it is to capture every precious moment and detail.  My goal as a photographer is to capture those moments for you….the ones you want to remember forever.  I love stopping time, even briefly, with a picture–capturing a look, a laugh, an emotion.  Someone once said  “A photograph is like life’s pause button, there to give us a glimpse back at some of the most important moments in our lives – a tangible keepsake and lasting memory.”   I so believe this to be true in every aspect of photography.  When traveling, I know that I can relive trip memories through photographs long after returning home and find those photos to be more valuable than any souvenir. And just like those pictures tell a story of the trip, every family has a story worth telling. I would love to help you to document your unique story to pass down to future generations!